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“The world of work is changing rapidly” … It’s not just a much-acclaimed megatrend, but part of many people’s lived experience. While information and communications technologies are growing in significance and enabling new ways of working, employees are coming to expect more of their work environment. They want to be able to enjoy their everyday workplace surroundings – not endure them. 

Environments designed to promote communication add real value: they boost knowledge transfer while facilitating collaboration – increasing productivity. The WORKSHAPER allows us to provide methodical advice and support to owners, landlords and companies. We can then unfold the full potential of any space and consistently program and optimize it to meet its users’ needs. We oversee the entire development and transformation process to ensure these needs are kept in mind. This is how the essential criteria for decision-makers and stakeholders are visible to all parties at all times.

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Bosch IoT Campus at Ullsteinhaus

Bosch’s first IoT Campus was designed as a collaborative work environment for emerging international tech talents. Since its opening at the beginning of 2018, this location has now become the Bosch Group’s largest innovation hub and Ullsteinhaus is now an important meeting spot for the IoT world.

The Drivery

REALACE presented a bespoke space concept for The Drivery, Germany's first ‘Mobility Innovators’ Club’, to fit inside the revitalised Ullsteinhaus in Berlin – precisely tailored to the needs of thinkers and doers in the fields of mobility innovation.

Pressehaus am Alex

Formerly home to the Berliner Verlag, a German publisher and part of M. DuMont Schauberg, the Pressehaus at Alexander Platz demanded the speedy development of an attractive new programming concept – one that highlighted the building’s great potential while also taking the specific requirements and needs of potential tenants into account. The result: Working Stories.


The Sonneninsel in Berlin’s Neukölln district was conceived as a place for innovative work environments. Thanks to a cooperation with Müller Reimann Architekten during a multiphase collaborative development process, it was possible to create a home for flexible work concepts – uniquely integrating new and existing buildings.

Marina Marina

In Marina Marina, on the site of the former public riverside swimming area in Berlin-Lichtenberg, we were part of a team of innovators who transformed this ‘raw’ location into a place that brings together work, leisure, culture, community, and pleasure to create a unique overall experience.

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