Place Identity

Place Identity

Identity development and creation of communicative media to support location marketing: The mix of design language, image building, and brand management creates a harmonious overall experience.

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Geisberg – Cultured living

A clear direction and appropriate language was essential to the marketing of this project. Geisberg Berlin brought the philosophy of ‘cultured living’ to life, standing out for the stylish overall look and feel.

The Drivery – Marketplace for mobility innovation

In a listed historic building known as the Ullsteinhaus with its iconic expressionist architecture, The Drivery now has found the perfect space to become Germany’s first Mobility Innovator’s Club. The two floors have been designed to allow the members of the community to innovate and collaborate in a multi-faceted work environment, releasing their full potential in their very own microcosm.

Wayfinding and brandscape

A good signalling system takes into account architectural and design aspects, the site-specific environment, (corporate) cultural contexts, and technical feasibility – while also creating pleasant environments for people to spend time in. We design signage systems as part of a brand experience, meaning we create wayfinding systems and communicative spatial experiences that represent the characteristics of a particular place – in both analogue and digital contexts.

Tenant presentation and showrooms

Attracting the right tenant is important – and to do this, it is critical to convey a vision and demonstrate the potential of the location in order to win their interest. We design bespoke presentations and furnish exclusive showrooms to support targeted and personal marketing to tenants within the context of broader marketing activities and create a perfect setting for successful project presentations and meetings.

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relevant für:

Anyone wanting to give their location a harmonious overall look and feel, making its identity accessible to all as a compelling overall experience.

  • Investors
  • Real estate developers
  • Companies
  • Institutions
  • Towns, cities, and regional authorities

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