Revitalisation of existing buildings and conversion sites mainly is about adaptive re-use. We take a user-focused holistic approach that combines architectural planning, programming, and transforming the place's image from the ground up. arrow icon

Revitalisation goes beyond the physical transformation itself – it stretches into the story behind it, and ultimately leads to a site’s evolving new image. Beyond good architecture, it’s also a matter of finding the right purpose and design for a given building or place. Rethinking rather than demolishing should create lasting success and genuine value.

Projects involving existing buildings require a comprehensive and user-oriented design and development process. We want to unlock a place’s true potential by detecting its special qualities and – throughout the entire development process – forming them into impressive, coherent features. This meticulous attitude to planning and design is what RE:PLACE is all about. This is how we work to revive places. 

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Ullsteinhaus in Berlin-Tempelhof

This large-scale revitalisation project allowed us to develop custom-designed premises for companies such as Bosch, Hella Aglaia, Grün Berlin, and The Drivery and successfully reposition the entire site with its 60,000 m² of rental space as a campus for innovative technology companies.

Bikini Berlin

Bikini Berlin is THE urban development project in Berlin; we and our partners at Design Hotels and SODA GROUP are proud to be responsible for the original idea, utilisation plan, programming and brand strategy. Working around the leitmotif of ‘Live differently’, we managed to persuade everyone involved in the various processes and planning phrases to take a completely fresh approach: together, we created a retail and hospitality location that has played its part in transforming the world’s perception of Berlin and helped the City West district to bloom in new colors within just a few years.

Brauerei Gebr. Maisel

The famous Bayreuth brewery, owned and run by the Maisel family for four generations, has led us to contemplate the significance of brewing traditions and culture. Together with Maisel & Friends and our partners at SODA GROUP, we are developing new spatial concepts and experiences to make every trip to the brewery a lasting memory.

Karl-Marx-Straße 101 in Neukölln

During the revitalisation project at Karl-Marx-Straße 101, we worked through a complex situation to develop a bespoke concept – enabling the conversion of the former department store and garage building into an attractive working environment based around unusual and inspiring spatial structures.

„Bootshaus“ in Marina Marina

This building was originally accommodating the restaurant attached to Lichtenberg's public riverside bathing spot at the beginning of the 20th century. Now revived with the fitting name “Bootshaus” (boathouse), it’s set to become a culinary hotspot at the heart of Marina Marina. Commissioned by SLOW and working in collaboration with DREIMETA, we are transforming the Bootshaus based on an innovative gastronomy concept.


“Platte” is named after the traditional East German prefab concrete-block constructions. Working in a development partnership with SLOW and in collaboration with Petersen Architekten, we successfully revitalised and transformed an unloved and forgotten GDR relic into a top-quality work environment with unique aesthetic appeal. Located in the centre of Marina Marina, this place has a unique atmosphere found nowhere else in Berlin – a spot that promotes the perfect balance of productive and creative work.

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relevant für:

Everyone who is interested in the potential that can be unlocked by transforming and developing existing locations; everyone who wants to take a fresh approach; and/or everyone who has an existing property or project that would benefit from creative new positioning.

– Owners of existing properties
– Investors
– Real estate developers
– Owner-occupiers

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