Urban Products

Urban Products

A new approach to designing urban qualities: systematic development of interconnected urban elements – carefully designed as valuable, manageable products that enrich their environment.

Weitere Formate:

Das Neue Gartenfeld

The development of the approx. 60-hectare mixed-use Neues Gartenfeld neighbourhood in Berlin-Spandau has demanded a systematic approach to developing and breathing life into the numerous ground floor and commercial areas – all while taking the high structural density, hybrid architectures, heterogeneous usage structures, and the particular local landscape into account.

Zuckerfabrik Ketzin, Havelland

The 200,000 m² disused sugar factory on the edge of Ketzin, Brandenburg, not far from Berlin is partially protected as a listed historical monument. The vision of a cosmopolitan refuge has taken shape here – in the middle of the lower Havel riverside landscape. The concept is to reconnect this area in an enriching way while generating strong ideas about possible future usages, spatial references and quality experiences for users and visitors.

Kottbusser Tor

We proposed innovative microarchitectural concepts and strategic spatial adjustments to help improve the general sense of safety, security and wellbeing for tenants, visitors and businesses around the public areas and entrances to the dominating residential complex at the well-known and lively Kottbusser Tor in Berlin-Kreuzberg.


The Community Hall in the centre of the newly emerging complex on Neukölln’s Sonneninsel is a new piece of architecture that references previous structures on the space, yet is composed in a contemporary style: User-focused, unconventional, flexible and inviting, with an open-yet-connected structure.

Bikini Berlin Pool

We designed the Bikini Berlin Pool – a special marketplace and exhibition space filled with changing pop-ups. In order to attract and inspire visitors again and again, the pop-up boxes on the building's ground floor are designed to be freely arranged, used and displayed as desired. Bikini Berlin Pool became the first concept floor in Berlin’s City West district.

Public parks

We supported Grün Berlin – the subsidiary of the State of Berlin responsible for more than 800 hectares of public open spaces and parks in the city – in developing and establishing sustainable approaches for the management of public parks. We formulated a concept based around a service approach, empowering the operator to design each location in a sustainable way, maintain their special qualities, and successfully expand them.

schon umgesetzt für:

Bayerische Hausbau
Brauerei Gebr. Maisel
Grün Berlin
GSG Group
Planungsgemeinschaft Das-Neue-Gartenfeld

relevant für:

Anyone wanting to create well connected or connecting urban spaces – who might also be considering issues around how to integrate and manage viable prosperity in urban contexts.

– Large scale developers
– Towns, cities, and regional authorities

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