marketing strategy

marketing strategy

Strategic planning to design and market places – all via one central source and based on advanced real estate expertise. For successful marketing we look at the product, market situation, and communication strategy holistically and filter relevant solutions and possible directions.

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Urban Tech Republic, Berlin TXL

An innovation park will be opened on the site of Berlin’s Tegel airport within six months after the opening of Berlin’s new airport BER. We used qualitative research methods – including expert interviews, target group descriptions, and analyses of best practices – to derive recommendations for a development and operational concept, along with the strategic brand direction for the emerging Urban Tech Republic ecosystem.

Healthy & Eco-Friendly Village

For this project, we needed to rethink the single-family home concept from the ground up, establishing healthy living as the basis for an entire settlement. We formulated essential criteria to develop the product and its architecture through interdisciplinary workshops. In preparation for future marketing activities, these requirements were then adapted for target-group communication purposes and we created a brand that will be known for its strong connection to nature and solid promise.

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relevant für:

Anyone wanting to design the offering and marketing of a location based on a holistic and strategic approach to every detail.

– Construction and real estate industry
– Investors
– Real estate developers
– Institutions
– Towns, cities, and regional authorities

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