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We design visual identities for places. By doing so, we make their potential and unique qualities visible to all. The way we combine strategy and design results in a cohesive and appealing brand presence. We develop names, logos and corporate designs and plan every detail – whether print, digital or in physical space.

Each brand is built around a solid communications strategy: We draw on advanced real estate expertise and location-specific insights to describe the needs of different user groups, examine influential trends, evaluate the brand’s positioning, derive brand value and the appropriate design criteria before translating these into a memorable visual identity for the entire brand. This is what produces inspirational atmospheres and strong stories.

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Bikini Berlin

Working in close partnership with Design Hotels and SODA GROUP, we turned Bikini Berlin into a highly recognisable fixture in Berlin's City West. We developed the brand strategy, planned all communications and produced all brand content. Significant work in areas such as print marketing, developing brand space, stakeholder management and networking were necessary to support the unusual concept behind Bikini Berlin, build its image, and market its unique qualities. Visual aspects of the brand identity developed in collaboration with Gregor&Strozik.

Upper West

Above the rooftops of Berlin: the marketing of Upper West, a 33-storey premium-feel office building in City West needed to be of a premium standard. We highlighted and communicated the building’s prominent position, its impressive architecture by renowned architect Christoph Langhof, and its spectacular views, supported by a range of carefully curated marketing activities.

Geisberg Berlin

This residential building in Berlin’s Bavarian Quarter is a former post office that has since been supplemented with further wings and extensions. We developed the brand for this location based on the concept of “Cultured living”, with carefully chosen activities to match the project's positioning.

Pressehaus am Alex

There was a new and unique vision for this place – well-known as the former headquarters of the Berliner Verlag, a Berlin-based publishing house. To succeed, it had to be publicised to potential major tenants from the creative sector within a very short time frame – complete with a corporate design, visualisations, and uniquely tailored tenant presentations, all available and shown in the showroom, on the perimeter fence, and on the website.


“Leuchtenfabrik” is a former lightbulb factory now lit up with activity: The character of this new brand was already firmly anchored in the very tangible industrial past of the old manufacturing yards on Edisonstraße in Berlin-Oberschöneweide. As part of the project to revitalise and market this space, we examined and referenced the history of the site – through its name, corporate design, print marketing, showroom, and signage, transferring it to the present day.


We also designed a new brand identity for a large office building at Berlin’s Ostbahnhof station to accompany its revitalisation. The name EASTON HOUSE hints at the building’s location in the city, while also highlighting the vibrancy and rapid development of the local area. The logo echoes the building’s distinctive architecture – and how its striking dome spans the atrium – while also depicting the location, position, and character of EASTON HOUSE in sketch form.

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relevant für:

Anyone who wants to give their project a unique character, a memorable visual identity, and a strong overall look and feel.

– Construction and real estate industry
– Investors
– Real estate developers
– Companies
– Institutions
– Towns, cities, and regional authorities

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