Developing Destinations

Developing Destinations

The combination of spatial programming, design, quality of experience, communication and building a strong image makes it possible to develop extraordinary destinations and attractions.

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Bikini Berlin

We developed a programme to turn the listed building complex around Berlin’s Zoological Garden into an urban oasis. The result is an absolutely unique experience – a place for shopping, strolling, leisure and pleasure. Our concept – developed and implemented together with our partners at Design Hotels and SODA GROUP – has set new international standards in the retail sector and has stimulated and inspired the transformation of the entire City West district.

Maisel Bros. Brewery

The design and programming of various spatial concepts – such as an exhibition space, hotel, or lab – enabled us to advance and improve the landscape around the unique family-run craft brewery. This helps to make the traditional, local, and yet very innovative and international experience of true brewing culture a memorable experience for every visitor.

Marina Marina

Marina Marina is a community of innovative businesses united by the fascination with this very particular site on the river Spree and the idea to transform it into one of the most inspiring work environments in Berlin. All participating parties and their projects will play their part in creating a harmonious overall experience. This includes our Platte development and the conversion of Bootshaus, both of which we have achieved in partnership with SLOW as well as the studios created by Thomas Becker’s office, the hotel and museum designed by Arno Brandlhuber, and a space for relaxation and wellness rituals crafted by architect Monika Gogl – a special feature at the centre of the site.

Karl-Marx-Straße 101 in Berlin-Neukölln

The revitalization concept for the former department store and garage building in Karl-Marx-Straße beautifully combines old and new in a delightful collage. Rather than demolishing the department store, now feeling a little like a displaced relic of its time, we will transform it into a modern market hall. Together with our partners, the hospitality experts at SODA GROUP, we will help to adapt the former warehouse for contemporary usage concepts.

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relevant für:

Anyone wanting to build highly attractive destinations that everyone talks about and that are known for the unique experiences they offer.

– Investors
– Real estate developers
– Tourism sector
– Towns, cities, and regional authorities
– Retail sector

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