product concept

product concept

Comprehensive concept development and visual representation of a clear product idea – drawing on analyses, usage scenarios, the corresponding spatial programming and planning to give a location the right positioning for the target group, presenting it as a successful business model and turning it into a highly desirable location. arrow icon

In the face of increasingly complex requirements and legal and economic factors, our PRODUCT CONCEPTS create inspiring visions that clearly demonstrate their feasibility.

To ensure every project gets off to a great start, we begin by meticulously identifying a location’s potential, analysing what we find. We consider urban planning aspects as well as the project’s potential social impact – consistently planning every detail with a view to users, positioning, spatial programming, and feasibility. We then translate our findings into strong images and visual concepts. This allows us to design products with a solid foundation – products that turn into successful, profitable business models for our clients and partners.

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Existing structures on Berlin Neukölln's Sonneninsel were integrated into an overall programme that references the functions of buildings originally located here, such as warehouses. Our concept updates their appeal to match modern uses – forming the next level to Berlin’s creative landscape.

Friedrich-Krause-Ufer 16, Berlin Wedding

For this inner-city production site with a total size of around 40,000 m², we developed a programme to reposition the site as a hub for industry 4.0. All the various activities on this site – including production, services, and logistics – are now integrated into flexible areas that can be switched around as necessary and connected in a way that promotes strong collaboration.

Das Neue Gartenfeld

“Neues Gartenfeld” is a 60-hectare industrial conversion site in Spandau. We supported the planning consortium providing assistance with the spatial programming and concept design for the existing buildings, including the impressive and historically significant Belgium Hall. Designing the product concept for an area of this size is as complex as it is critical – requiring careful consideration to balance every detail from the composition of uses, atmospheres and accessibility to cost-effectiveness and manageability.

Zuckerfabrik Ketzin, Havelland

In Ketzin, Brandenburg, a redevelopment is taking shape on a 200,000 m² former industrial site on the banks of the Havel River. Its usage mix, building typologies, and spatial references are combined in such a way that individual areas and programmes function well independently while also offering a captivating and diverse overall experience. A new type of rural urban community is emerging.

Campus Elsenstraße

This approx. 170,000 m² industrial site on the border between Neukölln and Treptow in Berlin has been used by Siemens to produce prototypes and manufacture and assemble parts and products since the early 1990s. Now this inner-city site is being partially expanded to craft an attractive space for Berlin’s pioneering future industries – industries that seek such a direct connection to very dense urban environments.


In a city known for its many 19th century courtyards, we were able to reimagine this building typology for contemporary uses in Pettenkoferstraße. By physically uncovering a 19th century building which had been encased in a concrete slab during the time of the GDR, we are reviving the original courtyard structure and inserting a contemporary architecture that reinterprets the historical typology of manufacturing buildings. The user-focused redesign is opening up the space for forward-looking Berlin businesses and ideas.

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relevant für:

Anyone who would like their project, whether based on existing structures or a new build, to have a consistent spatial programme that’s perfectly designed to suit the target group, and anyone eager to create a desirable location.

– Investors
– Real estate developers
– Operators
– Institutions
– Owner-occupiers
– Large-scale developers
– Urban developers

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